CHONKY LOAF: A virtual world of joy and inspiration


More than a game: Pixel-art game Everholm


In the world of games, every story begins with a great idea and a passionate team ready to bring it to life. For CHONKY LOAF studio from Niš, that story becomes a reality with the Everholm - an innovative game that is slowly winning the hearts of gamers around the world. Despite still being in the test phase, this game has captivated players globally. These young enthusiasts first researched their idea and realized that there were more than 30 million potential players for the adventure they had designed.

“The idea behind Everholm is to provide people with a means to relax in their armchairs after a hard day”, describes Pavle Miljković, business developer at the company CHONKY LOAF. He adds that they are big fans of the games that inspired Everholm and noticed a gap in the market that their creation seeks to fill.

Game Everholm

They announced to the world that in Everholm, players will experience a blend of adventure, exploration, and farm life simulation, creating an experience that both delights and challenges. Within an unpredictable environment, every day brings new challenges and opportunities to discover. Through growing crops and tending to animals, players will build their farms and create sources of income. They will also have the opportunity to connect with the local community. In addition to the idyllic farm life, for those players that on top of relxing want aditional challenges, the island of Everholm holds secrets waiting to be discovered. Through a series of puzzles, missions, and hidden areas, players will explore the rich history and secrets of Everholm.

Challenges of the modern gamer

One of the main issues they have identified with players is their tendency to become overly engrossed in games of this type. After investing hundreds of hours, many wonder what they have actually achieved and experience an existential crisis. CHONKY LOAF wants Everholm to be different. “We aim to facilitate player interaction through blockchain technology and hybrid multiplayer, enabling them to engage with fellow players while also accruing value uniquely their own”,  emphasizes Miljković.

The team's vision is to create a game that is not only fun but also deeply fulfilling, giving players the ability to de-stress and connect with a community of players. Everholm is more than just a game - it's a virtual world that brings joy and inspiration. Blockchain technology is already present in the gaming world, but the team believes Everholm is revolutionary because it prioritizes the needs of players over traders. They are confident that Everholm will be the first game targeting gamers, bringing them a unique experience.

How to Succeed?

It seems that the team from Niš, which has extensive experience in developing virtual games, is distinguished by an innovative approach to game development. Their basic idea is to create a genre-defining experience. Combining technology, art and narrative, CHONKY LOAF studio creates a game that is both challenging and accessible, complex and engaging.

In addition to working on the game, the team faces numerous challenges - financial, technical, and creative. However, they do not give up. With the support of the Smart Start program of the Innovation Fund, they managed to overcome the first obstacles and find partners who were ready to publish the game and finance the completion of the project. Now, thanks to the funds of the European Union through the Mini Grants Programme, they have managed to improve Everholm and attract the attention of more than 30 million potential adventure players.

CHONKY LOAF is proof that a combination of passion, innovation and persistence opens the door to achieving goals. For young teams who dream of success, the message is clear - believe in your idea, work hard and don't give up.



Direct Grant - Increased innovation capacity and technological readiness of SMEs is signed between the Innovation Fund and Ministry of Finance - the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programs (CFCU) provides funds for the continuation of Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program.

The total budget of the Project is EUR 20 million, of which EUR 15 million from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance for 2018 (IPA 2018) and EUR 5 million from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of the Ministry of Science,Technological Development and Innovation.

The amount allocated for the financing of approved projects under the  Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program financed under this Direct Grant Agreement is EUR 18 million. More about the project can be found on