The Innovation Fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation and the Office for Information Technologies and Electronic Administration, with full support from the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, has created the necessary conditions for the dynamic development of Serbia's innovation ecosystem. This is realized in the form of an integrated information system - eInnovation. This initiative is specifically focused on the process of digitization and establishing an information platform, enhancing competitive advantages, and creating an open and sustainable environment for innovation.

The eInnovation platform (Registry of entities in the national innovation system) is a key tool for identifying and continuously monitoring all actors in the innovation ecosystem, providing a foundation for fast and efficient coordination among relevant entities. As part of the national innovation strategy, this comprehensive database serves as the cornerstone for the successful implementation of Serbia's digital transformation.

Data entry for entities involved in innovation activities into the registry is simple through online registration. All necessary information for registration is automatically extracted from relevant official registers, significantly speeding up the application process. Networking all actors participating in the innovation process creates a dynamic, interconnected community capable of responding more quickly and efficiently to challenges and achieving significant results that can contribute to social and economic development.

Enrollment in the Registry is voluntary. Innovative entities, subjects of innovation infrastructure, and investors in innovation activities can register in the Registry.

The Innovation Fund encourages all actors in the innovation ecosystem to enroll and take advantage of all the benefits of the Registry of entities in the national innovation system.