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Technology needs

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# Name Deadline for submission
1 Parting Line Management 2017/09/29
2 Rapid Leak Inspection Technologies 2017/09/29
3 Surface Crosslinking of Polypropylene Copolymers using E-beam Technology 2017/09/29
4 A Formable Color Changing Light Technology 2017/09/30
5 Pad printing for complex geometries 2017/09/30
6 Transparent Injection Moldable Polymer that Looks and Feels Like Glass 2017/09/30
7 Automotive Interior Surfaces that Resist or Hide Dirt, Dust, and Oil 2017/09/30
8 Biofilm prevention and removal from water based systems 2017/09/30
9 Molten salt heat transfer fluid 2017/09/30
10 New uses for Bromine 2017/09/30
11 ATO alternative as flame retardant synergist 2017/09/30
12 Multi-functional brominated biocides 2017/09/30
13 Non halogenated flame retardants 2017/09/30
14 Dirt Pick Up Resistance (DPUR) for roof coatings 2017/09/30
15 Penetrating aid for asphalt cement 2017/09/30
16 Hydrogen storage carrier material 2017/09/30
17 New industrial uses for polyhalite 2017/09/30
18 Encapsulation of low mp salts 2017/09/30
19 Fluorine free fire fighting foams 2017/09/30
20 Sulfur-less polymer cross linking agent for asphalt 2017/09/30
21 Asphaltene Dispersants for Oil Industry 2017/09/30
22 Plant stimulants 2017/09/30
23 Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers 2017/09/30
24 Nitrogen fixation for crops 2017/09/30
25 Cost effective slow release fertilizer granules 2017/09/30
26 Increase available phosphorous in acidic and alkaline soils 2017/09/30
27 Transparent Glass-like Plastic 2017/09/30
28 Stays Looking Clean Plastic Interior Surfaces 2017/09/30
29 Seeking Construction or Building Technologies 2017/10/06
30 Multiphase Gas Separation Technology 2017/12/29
31 Next Generation Induction Sealing Technology 2017/12/29
32 Thermally Responsive Material Technology 2017/12/29
33 Novel Protein Sources 2017/12/29
34 Novel Non-Invasive Potato Analysis 2017/12/29
35 Electronic Cooling Technologies 2017/12/29
36 Innovative Winding Technologies 2017/12/29
37 Encapsulating Printed Circuit Boards 2017/12/29
38 Flexible Piezoresistive Material 2017/12/29
39 Drug candidate (small molecule or biologic) in immuno-oncology that is in preclinical development, ideally in the area of immune checkpoint regulation. 2018/12/31
40 New technologies that enhance the efficiency and/or size, weight and power consumption of portable oxygen concentrators. 2018/12/31
41 Topical treatments for dry eye and glaucoma 2018/12/31
42 Novel and innovative technologies for treating cardiovascular conditions and diseases via the inhalation route. 2018/12/31
43 High efficiency power conversion technology (should be greater than 91% for AC-DC) 2018/12/31
44 Smaller, more efficient and easy to fabricate magnetics such as chokes, isolation transformers, with advanced materials for the cores (lower losses at higher frequencies-200 kHz and above along with advanced winding technologies such as planar or printed conduct as long as the technology supports 100s of volts). 2018/12/31
45 Communications for process control (advanced bus architectures: CAN, TCP/IP, etc.) 2018/12/31
46 Wireless industrial communications (Zigbee, Powerline, etc.) 2018/12/31
47 AC-DC power extensions like battery charging or support technology 2018/12/31
48 Electronic cooling technology such as heat-sink / heat-pipe materials and assembly techniques to better extract heat from newer generation power supplies. 2018/12/31
49 Associated medical power electronics technology (higher voltages, AC sources for therapy /surgery.) 2018/12/31
50 Lighting power technology for industrial LED lighting applications such as high-bay lights. 2018/12/31
51 Tools for understanding and manipulating the relationships (including gene expression and regulation) between plants and microorganisms. 2018/12/31
52 Genomic technologies that edit, add or remove genes and the creation, testing, and use of synthetic genes in either microbes or plants 2018/12/31
53 Technologies that improve upon existing approaches to mutagenesis and directed evolution of microorganisms for use in crop production. 2018/12/31
54 Tools that enable or improve the discovery of microbial genes that may confer advantage to transgenic plants containing such genes. 2018/12/31
55 Techniques or technologies for screening microorganisms or consortia of microorganism to identify those that positively impact crop plants. 2018/12/31
56 Technologies such as formulations that increase the robustness and shelf life of microorganisms (such as Pseudomonads) that may positively impact crop plants. 2018/12/31
57 New approaches for naturally and safely reducing fat, salt and calories in a wide variety of foods. 2018/12/31
58 Improved human energy harvesting technologies (transducers and materials) for generating power from footwear and clothing. 2018/12/31