The Innovation Fund granted RSD 53 million to different companies, thus funding 12 innovative projects aimed at combating the effects of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Twelve solutions will be developed and released in a short period, such as the first respirator produced in Serbia, a new type of protective mask with a removable HEPA filter for multiple and long-term uses, disinfection booths intended for use in public places and locations of special interest, a mobile stand for non-contact body temperature measurement and manual disinfection, portable ozonizers for fast and safe disinfection of facilities of critical interest.

Following the introduction of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia, on Monday, 16 March 2020, at the initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, the Innovation Fund has prepared and announced a public invitation on Tuesday, 17 March, in record time. Due to the need for a quick response to emerging challenges, the invitation was open until 24 March 2020.

Despite the very short timeframe, nearly 300 innovative project proposals were received, which demonstrated the great potential of our innovative companies, but also the significance of financial support, as one of the many measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the suppression of effects brought forth by the pandemic. Bearing in mind the urgency to respond, the Fund's Independent Expert Commission gave priority to those solutions that were estimated to be able to produce the most relevant, rapid and strategically meaningful response to specific problems. The development of medicines and vaccines was not the subject of this public invitation.

The public invitation was aimed at small and medium-sized companies, with already developed prototypes, products, services and technologies, which can be implemented in a short period and become available for use in the suppression of the pandemic effects. The amount of support per project is up to RSD 6 million.

The Innovation Fund would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to this public invitation in record time and shared and made available to us their ideas, solutions and resources for the suppression of the effects of the pandemic, and thereby demonstrated their readiness to quickly respond in critical situations. We hereby wish to congratulate the recipients of funds and we wish them success in the implementation of the offered solutions.

Overview of the supported projects:


Project name: Rapid Supply Chain

Description: The company Voxellab offers a solution of a system for fast 3D printing of urgently needed parts for machines and medical devices.


CCS Solutions

Project name: LifeMask

Description: The company CCS Solutions is developing a new type of protective mask with removable HEPA filters for multiple and long-term use.



Project name: UV-C Disinfection

Description: The company Metaling offers a range of products for the disinfection of rooms and facilities by using ultraviolet radiation.



Project name: Production of sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectant

Description: The company SIGMA KULA will work on doubling of the production of sodium hypochlorite based solutions as one of the most important disinfectants.



Project name: Automatic positive pressure ventilation device

Description: The company SmartResearch is developing a mechanical ventilation device for patients.



Project name: Aditus gate

Description: The company 365ADS offers a solution in form of a disinfection booth, intended for use in public places and locations of special interest.


Corten Art

Project name: Disinfection tunnel and disinfection booth

Description: The company Corten Art is developing an aerosol disinfection system for use in industry and hazardous environments.


SKV Garant

Project name: OZON-CARE

Description: The company SKV Garant is working on the development of portable ozonizers for the fast and safe disinfection of facilities of critical interest.



Project name: Airtech med

Description: The company Advertout will manufacture reusable protective clothing that can be fully disinfected.


Hola Systems

Project name: Development of a control stand that will be used for preventing the spread of viruses and infectious diseases

Description: The company Hola Systems offers a solution in the form of a mobile stand for non-contact temperature measurement and manual disinfection.



Project name: HERMES COVID: Platform for fast messaging in the COVID 19 pandemic conditions

Description: The company Heliant offers a solution in the form of a platform for fast messaging within medical systems in crisis situations.



Project name: SURFIX - new anti-viral disinfectant

Description: The company Agrounik will develop a biological disinfectant with antiviral and antibacterial properties.