Techno Foam made revenue of over EUR 800.000


Techno Foam d.o.o. is a startup company founded with goal to develop new machines for production and processing of artificial foam and foamy materials-profiling, cutting and lamination.

As one of awarded companies through Mini and Matching Grants Program, they had the opportunity to concentrate on research, development and intensive developmental process of designing and assembling machines for foam production. In one year period company successfully implemented project in frame of Mini Grants Program, while implementation through Matching Grants is still in progress. Positive experience acquired through Mini Grants Program and idea for new project „Machine for cut and packing sponge“ enabled Techno Foam to receive financing in new cycle of financing through Matching grants Program.

Improvement and innovation is in completely different conceptual solution of operating machine, and not only improvement of individual characteristics of existing models, but also includes improvements regarding capacity, savings of raw material, automatization, and safety thanks to application of international technical standards of machine engineering sector.

During last two years, company sold 2 laminating machines and 4 machines for cutting and packing sponge to customers in Byelorussia, Turkey, Romania, Serbia  worth more the 100 million dinars, while negotiations with customer from Abu Dhabi are still in progress.

 „Future belongs to modern and innovative companies which carefully plan and strategically manage their own business. Only to have a great idea and project on a paper is not good enough. It is important to give your idea life, to believe in what you are doing and of course to be profitable. Techno Foam’s intention in next two years is to design and produce more machines for lamination, cutting and similar purposes, developing even advanced technology, using synergy of many years’ experience in the field with knowledge and ability of our Expert team of engineers and managers.“, stated Sladjana Bogunovic Batica, marketing manager and project coordinator.