STARGLASS – the Unique Production and Processing of Glass


Company STARGLASS was established in 2012, as a family start-up business aiming to construct a multifunctional production line (MFPL) for three types of technologies of glass processing – for bending, tempering of bent and fusion of glass based on own innovative construction. The project was financed through the Innovation Fund Mini Grants Program with aim to develop and test a multifunctional production line for glass processing and also to achieve a 

lower cost of production of bent, tempered bent and fused glass.

In the course of testing, a unique solution for cooling system was developed. It enables quick adaptation to all sizes and shapes of glass being processed and it adds value to the final product. The production line is completely unique and provides exceptional energy efficiency of the production process, bending of glass of various diameters and shapes without changing the tool for the same types and shapes of glass resulting in higher productivity and lower production costs of final goods and optimal engagement of workforce.

Also, the modular design of the production line ensures easy assembling, disassembling, transport and maintenance, as well as replacement of its parts when needed. The multifunction production line enables application of a larger number of technologies for glass processing within one production line-bending, tempering of bent glass and fusion of glass.

The range of use of products manufactured by this multifunction production line is rather wide and can be used in manufacturing of vehicles, agricultural and civil engineering machinery, rail vehicles, glass elements of refrigeration devices, furniture and lightning, as well as in manufacturing of household objects, souvenirs and art craft.

Currently STARGLASS is in the process of obtaining the certificate for homologation of tempered glass issued by the Road Traffic Safety Agency is ongoing. Upon obtaining the certificate for homologation, tempered glass can be sold in all countries that adopted ECE R 43 standard. Obtaining of certificate is also a confirmation that MFPL is functional. In other words, production of tempered glass follows the defined standards.