How to make a global server infrastructure which covers the entire work with media content? Publitio, startup from Zrenjanin, found the answer to this question; their vision is to become the leaders of media content storage, processing and broadcast. Their long-term experience in server maintenance and internet business management is embedded in the creation of the platform for the photo and video storage and handling. The platform is intended for all those who develop web or mobile applications to store and process photographs or video materials in a simple manner, with no need for programming.

To make its vision come true, Publitio used the funds of the Innovation Fund’s Early Development Program. They invested the EUR 80,000 financial aid in intensive platform development during what they refer to as a very important period of service completion and placement. 

“This is a nice opportunity to make your idea come true while maintaining your ownership over the company. The funds granted by the Innovation Fund are non-repayable, which means that no one will be after you if the project fails and the only true failure is not trying at all”, said Divjak Vujadin, Publitio Director.

The first investment in Publitio came from ICT Hub Venture and amounted to EUR 30,000, and Vega IT has recently invested EUR 200,000 in its development.  

The number of platform users keeps growing every day. The potential of this platform was also acknowledged by many investors. We wish them all the best in making their vision come true!