MapApp: Platform for effective learning through interactive posters and mobile an application

Modern technologies offer incredible opportunities for learning, including microlearning, which involves acquiring knowledge in smaller, easily digestible portions. Microlearning is recognized as one of the most effective ways to learn because it enhances information retention over time. It allows learners to focus on specific topics of interest, as it can be tailored to their individual needs. Microlearning content is typically delivered online, enabling learners to access it anytime, anywhere.

Introducing new learning methods

AppWorks, a company specializing in mobile applications, has utilized the latest technologies to create the MapApp platform. This platform combines interactive posters and a mobile application to facilitate more effective learning. “We have developed a series of interactive posters that incorporate the latest trends and capitalize on children's fascination with mobile phones. Leveraging our experience in mobile application development, we have created a platform for more effective learning”, says Nikola Jankovic, founder and CEO of AppWorks.

MapApp's interactive posters, in conjunction with the mobile application, promote the concept of microlearning. The MapApp team recognized the importance of aligning the educational system with technological advancements, acknowledging smartphones as valuable educational tools. Consequently, the project aims to improve the educational system and foster innovation through new learning methods. The digital content within the MapApp mobile application is connected to the posters via QR codes, providing students with intriguing information related to the poster's subject matter, in addition to visually captivating visuals.

To ensure engaging and enjoyable poster and digital content design, AppWorks has assembled a team comprising editors, designers, teachers, programmers and contributors experienced in working with children. Their objective is to enhance the learning process for both students and teachers by introducing innovations to the educational system. In addition to videos, texts, and animations, the MapApp mobile application features short knowledge quizzes created by the editors for each poster.

The Innovation Fund support

AppWorks, an IT company specializing in mobile applications, has been developing its own platform since 2013. In 2022, with the funding support of the EU through the Innovation Fund Mini Grants Program, they were able to enhance their project for the modernization of the education system in Serbia. Through the development of new posters and improvements to the mobile application's functionality, the MapApp project has gained momentum.

MapApp interactive posters have already been implemented in numerous schools throughout Serbia, further motivating the team to continue their development efforts.

Understanding microlearning

Microlearning through posters is a popular method of delivering information in concise and visually appealing formats. Posters effectively convey important messages by presenting them in a memorable and easily understandable manner. With clear and concise language, relevant images and graphics, and a focus on one key message or concept, posters are quickly comprehended. All the information on the poster is backed by relevant sources and strategically positioned in locations frequently accessed by students, including workspaces, classrooms, and online learning platforms

Microlearning aims to break down complex topics into smaller, more manageable pieces of information that students can quickly grasp and apply in real-world scenarios. This approach is particularly effective for busy students who may lack the time or attention span for longer training sessions on topics of personal interest.



Direct Grant - Increased innovation capacity and technological readiness of SMEs is signed between the Innovation Fund and Ministry of Finance - the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programs (CFCU) provides funds for the continuation of Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program.

The total budget of the Project is EUR 20 million, of which EUR 15 million from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance for 2018 (IPA 2018) and EUR 5 million from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of the Ministry of Science,Technological Development and Innovation.

The amount allocated for the financing of approved projects under the  Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program financed under this Direct Grant Agreement is EUR 18 million. More about the project can be found on