The young and ambitious team Localizely, thanks to EU funds with the support of the Innovation Fund, has developed a Cloud platform that simplifies the translation work for multilingual software products.  Innovative translation management solution created by Belgrade's startup helps companies translate texts in their applications targeting multilingual markets.

During his many years of work in the field of software engineering, Goran Luledzija noticed common pain points in the development of multilingual applications. For example, software development and translation work are multidisciplinary activities (engineering, management, translation) that take place in parallel, but depend on each other and must be synchronized (at least before a new software version is released). Then, the file formats used in the source code and for the translators are different and often require file transformation. Also, converting xml/yaml/json files from source code to Excel spreadsheets just to send to translators is not practical and requires merging when translations are complete.

In order to simplify the steps in the translation process, for all those who develop applications with Flutter technology, Goran and his team have created a unique solution that allows product managers and translators to simultaneously monitor text changes in the application on their mobile devices.

Available to everyone, the innovative Localizely solution accelerates the development of multilingual applications, making translation convenient and accessible with minimal errors.

Check out how Localizely works in the following video.