Intensify – a Solution for Improving Sales and Marketing Processes in the Culture and Entertainment Industry


Intens Net is a subsidiary of Intens from Novi Sad whose mission is to position itself as a leader of the “gamification loyalty” solutions in the culture and entertainment industry.

In 2014 Intense Net developed Intensify – a mobile/web loyalty solution for improving sales and marketing processes in the culture and entertainment industry, using “gamification” marketing techniques in conjunction with social networks as well as performing monitoring via user behavioral statistics. The Project development was supported by the Mini Grants Program of the Innovation Fund Serbia in the amount of EUR 80,000.

Before this Project, Intens Net had already some experience in development of management solutions as it had developed an event management and ticketing solution “Bilet” whose clients include cinemas, theatres, ticketing agencies and cultural centers.

With the Intensify Project, Intens Net is focusing on increasing the visibility and sales of their clients by introducing more effective channels of communication, through the use personalized messages – push notifications and social networks interaction (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).

Before the Project development, the Company researched the market, looking for modern loyalty solutions which would best fit the industry – cinemas and entertainment in general. As the Company did not find such solutions to exist in this niche, it decided to develop one – a new concept that integrates all functionalities.

Intensify’s goal is to attract new customers, reward and retain existing customers, and monitor customer behavior in order to build a database of loyal visitors/customers. The main motive for the visitors when using the Intensify solution is to be informed of significant events, build their own profile and receive special offers and/or gifts, discounts and sweepstakes via socialization.

The key feature that differentiates Intensify from other products in the market is that this single program integrates functionality of loyalty program with the functionality of effective promotional marketing activities. The administrative console is a simple, yet effective tool for marketing managers. The statistical module offers possibility to monitor and measure results of marketing activities in real time.

The product is completely developed and tested in-house. Recently the Company signed a contract with a Serbian Cineplex company that will start using Intensify in the near future. Intensify has also presented the features of its product to companies in various countries such as: UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Japan, with the feedback being very positive.

Svejtlana Azaric, the Deputy Managing Director of Intens Net, states: “Future development plans will be based on feedback received form the companies’ experts which are using our product. Based on the interest shown thus far, Intensify has a chance to be effectively used in other sector niches as well.  Our goal is to develop specialized solutions which will in fully satisfy customer needs in all applicable sectors.”