Innovations in Construction


Milinkovic Company Ltd. was established in 1990 and since then actively present in the market. From 2009, the company is registered as an entity for innovative activities (development and manufacturing center), and for these activities in particular the company is known beyond the borders of Serbia.

MC system is an innovative integrated system of production, transportation and installation of prefabricated ferrocement elements of the sandwich type, with specially constructed tools, scaffoldings and formworks. Essentially it is a quick, easy and simple innovative system, which constructs high quality, stable, safe and durable, but also and adaptable buildings on a human scale with a positive attitude towards nature, ecology and energy efficiency. MC system compared to existing systems enables significant savings in materials and energy in all stages of the life cycle of buildings: construction 30%, exploatation 50% and 50% recycling, and therefore are much less hazardous for the environment. For prefabrication of elements they are using new technological solutions and new compound of construction materials.

Buildings constructed by MC system are cheaper compared to objects of similar or approximate properties that have been constructed using other construction methods.

With funding by the Innovation Fund under the Matching Grants Programme, the improvement of MC building system is enabled. New elements and construction that are in range of 17m are being developed through the project, which significantly extends the existing range and enables wider application of innovative building system.

New tools for the production of prefabricated ferrocement elements are implemented, which will produce components for the construction of halls range of 23 and 26m. New elements have excellent thermal properties and enable the construction of energy efficient buildings of a large span. New modular tools and scaffoldings for the construction of facilities are developed, which are easy to transport and to handle, enabling the realization of cost effectiveness on transportation costs and thereby achieving a competitive cost of construction.

In 2014, Milinkovic Company participated at the International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade. On this occasion, they presented all the advantages of an innovative construction system, as well as new products that will be offered after implementation of the project of improvement of MC System.