Thanks to the joint investments of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union, the Innovation Fund approved EUR 9 million for the realization of 54 innovative projects. Innovative companies will use grants to develop new or improve existing products, services, or technologies. Their task is not only to have knowledge of the technical aspects of their innovations but also to understand market trends and build relationships with potential partners and investors.

Innovative solutions such as a personalized and customizable wearable foot drop syndrome treatment device, an innovative system for people with disabilities for easier access to the facilities they visit, digital furniture of the future, and an innovative catamaran for collecting plastic waste that will reduce water pollution in large watercourses are just some of the supported projects that have the potential to find their application in the market.

Grants in the amount of EUR 80,000 to EUR 300,000, depending on the program, were approved individually per project. The first public call under the Direct Grant Agreement - Increased innovation capacity and technological readiness of SMEs was open from July 5 to September 15, 2021 for three key support programs of the Innovation Fund: Mini Grants, Matching Grants and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program. The second public call of the same value, EUR 9 million, is underway, and the deadline for submitting proposals for innovative projects expires on March 15, 2022, at 3 p.m.

A total of 223 applications were submitted for the announced call. Innovative projects for which funding has been approved come from various industrial areas, mostly from the field of software and ICT, mechanical engineering and energy applications. Most companies operate in Belgrade, then Novi Sad, Čačak.

Through the pre-accession funds of the European Union, from 2011 until today, 153 innovative projects of companies have been supported with EUR 21.9 million.

The Innovation Fund congratulates the awarded companies and wishes success in the implementation of innovative projects.


                                                         Review of approved innovative



Company: MDM

Project name: MDM Fleet Management

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 111,204

IF participation: EUR 77,842

MDM Fleet Management is a software solution that helps companies get control over their fleet and delivery processes in order to run more efficient operations with optimized maintenance and logistics.


Company: Artin

Project name: Automatic diagnosis platform for the rectal cancer T-staging

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 107,400

IF participation: EUR 74,600

Automatic diagnosis software for T- staging of the rectal cancer using artificial intelligence. The results of this project will help clinical processes, in diagnosis, research, staging, treatment, and prognosis evaluation of the rectal cancer.


Company: Mediwater

Project name: Compact Water Treatment For Endoscopy Reprocessing

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Environmental science

Project value: EUR 112,825

IF participation: EUR 77,525

Development of the innovative Reverse Osmosis system for universal use with Automated Endoscope Reprocessors. Easy to use, plug and play water treatment system that can be used by anyone. The Reverse Osmosis water purification systems supply purified water for AERs.


Company: OROOK

Project name: Orook mobile platform

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 116,000

IF participation: EUR 80,000

OROOK’s solution is a specialized online platform for recruitments in the AEC industry, that increase efficiency and upscaling employment opportunities. It eliminates 80% of recruitment costs, and reduces process duration by over 90% by enabling real-time, interactive ranking of professionals who are the best fit for an advertised position.


Company: Localizely

Project name: Localizely

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 95,259

IF participation: EUR 65,259

Localizely is a cloud platform that streamlines translation work for software products that target multilingual markets. Streamlining translations management for multilingual software-products.


Company: Charge&GO

Project name: Platform and mobile app for electric vehicle charging

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project value: EUR 129,400

IF participation: EUR 80,000

Charge&Go is a platform with a mobile app that connects all parties which participate in the process of electric vehicle charging – from drivers to charging station owners and operators – facilitating simple management and scheduling of charging processes, as well as payment and invoicing.



Project name: Smart Watering

Town: Novi Sad

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 108,960

IF participation: EUR 75,460

Smart Watering enables smart & hustle-free irrigation using a device in the field and mobile application. It helps growers make better decisions about irrigation and do the process remotely.


Company: Sotex MS

Project name: Agro Guide

Town: Novi Sad

Industry: Artificial intelligence

Project value: EUR 116,550

IF participation: EUR 79,850

Enhance the existing platform for agriculture that is being used by 220,000 people yearly with the AI-powered expert system capable of providing advice/solutions for the treatment of common problems.


Company: ITS42

Project name: Ivoy 

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 115,440

IF participation: EUR 80,000

A platform for private jet booking and sharing which provides customers and aviation companies with more affordable and efficient service.


Company: IDILA-TV

Project name: Interactive TV middleware for DIstance LeArning (IDILA-TV)

Town: Novi Sad

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 115,100

IF participation: EUR 79,600

Application for telecom operators, supporting seamless interactive education experience alongside IPTV, broadcast TV and existing online classroom solutions.


Company: Motion Ops

Project name: Motion Ops

Town: Niš

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 119,390

IF participation: EUR 79,990

Motion Ops is an online platform that enables Home-Service Businesses to manage their Workforce, Projects, and Profitability with minimal effort, while they’re on the go.


Company: ATG Innovations

Project name: Supreme Heat Exchanger

Town: Šabac

Industry: Energy and energy efficiency

Project value: EUR 104,128

IF participation: EUR 72,878 

Supreme Heat Exchanger is a technology that was designed and envisioned for safer and greener environment in the form of highly efficient, compact and economical heat exchanging cores.


Company: Plainly

Project name: Plainly

Town: Novi Sad

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 112,370

IF participation: EUR 77,370

Plainly develop software for automate automation the video generation process, providing automated workflows for the users.


Company: Totema Tim

Project name: RecOne

Town: Beograd

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 134,720

IF participation: EUR 80,000

RecOne is a holistic solution for contemporary recruitment needs of high-growth companies - from candidate outreach and tracking to detailed reports.


Company: InnTech Group 2020

Project name: Didactic for Industry 4.0

Town: Kragujevac

Industry: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project value: EUR 104,720

IF participation: EUR 72,720

Development of didactic platform for promotion and implementation of Industry 4.0 tools and methods, as well as further improving of company position as a supplier of specific products and services for Industry 4.0.


Company: Remote Human

Project name: Code Gamayun

Town: Niš

Industry: Gamification

Project value: EUR 79,946

IF participation: EUR 55,926

The first Slavic survival horror video game franchise using a novel production pipeline. A single-player action-adventure survival horror video game using the novel production pipeline affordable by indie studios.


Company: Hivemind

Project name: HERMES - A personalized and adaptable functional electrostimulation device for rehabilitation and restoration of function in foot drop syndrome

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Energy and energy efficiency

Project value: EUR 111,600

IF participation: EUR 78,109

Development of an affordable, personalized and adaptable wearable device to treat foot drop syndrome.


Project name: TRAKEN TECH

Project name: TRAKEN

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Electrical engineering

Project value: EUR 114,000

IF participation: EUR 79,500

TRAKEN is a data tracking, management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids, that provides a distributed ledger to manage metering records, track physical objects and transfer value without a third party or manual reconciliation.


Company: Ydrive AI

Project name: 3D Digital Twin

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 117,720

IF participation: EUR 77,720

First to offer a low cost, world scale, 3D digital twin service, created using just smartphones and an AI powered cloud pipeline. Initial piloting of digital twins will be done as 3D maps for delivery and rideshare.



Project name: Waterproofing building materials innovation development

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Civil engineering and construction materials

Project value: EUR 114,500

IF participation: EUR 79,700

Development of innovative waterproofing materials aiming to effectively protect buildings from negative effects of moisture, as well as products that would be used in places that serve to collect water and its further use (tanks, etc.).


Project name: B-FRESH Technologies

Project name: B-FRESH spray for active packaging of fresh food

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Food Science and Agriculture

Project value: EUR 79,984

IF participation: EUR 55,986

Development of innovative B-Fresh spray for packaging materials that extends shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Company: Inclusio

Project name: Inclusio

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Artificial intelligence

Project value: EUR 114,900

IF participation: EUR 79,300

Inclusio is a system for disabled people that they can use when independently visiting banks, markets, and similar objects, to call an employee for assistance before reaching barriers like stairs, rotating doors, large crowds, etc.


Company: BIBO

Project name: BIBO

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project value: EUR 114,100

IF participation: EUR 79,600

Team BIBO is developing the Bibo Bot - a portable mobile 3D printer for fast construction of houses, buildings, and other concrete structures.


Company: Phobos

Project name: Firstborns: Survivor Royale

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Gamification

Project value: EUR 120,000

IF participation: EUR 80,000

Production and launch of a multiplayer video game with innovative gameplay that solves asymmetric skill levels between players while still being rewarding and entertaining.


Company: FLOW

Project name:  Innovative Plant for Plant-based Milk Production

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Food Science and Agriculture

Project value: EUR 116,200

IF participation: EUR 80,000

Establishment of plant for plant-based milk production in Serbia which uses innovative, modular, flexible zero waste technology.


Company: Anyservice

Project name: Any Service

Town: Niš

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 114,950

IF participation: EUR 79,990

AnyService is a platform that creates a clearly defined system in the gig economy which coordinates the business relations between the users and protects the interests of both sides.


Company: Colsia

Project name: Colsia

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Energy and energy efficiency

Project value: EUR 75,800

IF participation: EUR 50,800

Colsia is a digital, vacuum operated device, for clean insertion and removal of all types of contact lens, without the need for the user to ever touch their eyes or contact lenses with their fingers.


Company: SavAntiVir

Company: New antiviral agent

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Energy and energy efficiency

Project value: EUR 115,200

IF participation: EUR 80,000

Further development of the new antiviral agent for protection against enveloped viruses (HIV, HSV-1, HSV-2, SARS-CoV-2, Influenza).


Company: Deus Crispbread

Project name: Deus Crispbread

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Food Science and Agriculture

Project value: EUR 74,520

IF participation: EUR 50,520

Unique Crispy bread and whole grain oat/rye certified for the foreign market.


Company: Terra Core Technologies

Project name: TerraCore Banking Information System

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 133,920

IF participation: EUR 80,000

TerraCore BIS (Banking Information System) is a unique white-label solution designed for banks and fintech businesses that want to seamlessly transition into digital.



Company: CITI

Project name: Navsteer - autonomous and easy to install auto-pilot system with cloud data analytics available to every farmer

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project value: EUR 490,000

IF participation: EUR 299,800

Development of hardware and software auto-steering systems easily compatible with every tractor model independently from the manufacturer.


Company: JT2

Project name: Hydro Scavenger

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Environmental science

Project value: EUR 431,510

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Development of the innovative catamaran boat for collecting of the plastic waste that will reduce the water pollution in big water masses and create very lucrative business for the company.



Project name: CNC horizontal boring milling machine HBG 180 – OCP

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Project value: EUR 600,000

IF participation: EUR 300,000

HBG 180 – OCP will be the innovative Computer Numerical Control horizontal boring milling machine, used for highly precise processing of large and heavy objects needed in various industries.


Company: Cervesia

Project name: Totally Haute

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Artificial intelligence

Project value: EUR 430,860

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Multi-functional software application for companies and consumers in the fashion industry, with innovative interactive features, social media and online shop aspects intended for global market.


Company: FINCORE

Project name: AI and Big Data Platform

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 511,500

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Development of platform as a Service for real-time AI and Big Data implementation in the highly secure Private Cloud.


Company: Beyond 42

Project name: 3D Virtual Venues Platform

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 398,075

IF participation: EUR 278,652

Based on the MVP built, Beyond42 team aims to develop a scalable 3D virtual venues platform that can be automatically purchased, deployed, and live-edited by end-users, starting with universities and educational institutions.


Company: Inmold Plast

Project name: In-mold Labeling Ultra Lightweight Packaging mould (IML-ULP mould)

Town: Požega

Industry: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project value: EUR 657,746

IF participation: EUR 295,984

Development of IML-ULP mould for production of 1000 ml plastic bucket with handle weighing 24.5 grams, which is 28% lighter than standard plastic bucket presents at global market.


Company: Djolic consulting

Project name: Book IT

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 431,600

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Book IT is an innovative universal booking application for service providers and service users worldwide that will make the processes of finding and booking the services more effective, cost-efficient and time-efficient.


Company: Coming - Computer Engineering

Project name: AgAR - Universal agriculture autonomous robot

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Robotics

Project value: EUR 493,500

IF participation: EUR 295,850

Development of a universal autonomous robotic platform for precision agriculture.


Company: GPI PORT

Project name: Application of fiber-reinforced high performance concrete in prefabricated elements and structures

Town: Bačka Topola

Industry: Civil engineering and construction materials

Project value: EUR 431,502

IF participation: EUR 251,662

Production of concrete elements for the assembly of buildings made of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (steel and synthetic fibers)


Company: Appworks

Project name: MapApp interactive posters

Town: Belgrade

Industry: ICT

Project value: EUR 221,630

IF participation: EUR 142,345

Interactive posters that are using combination of mobile technology and the concept of micro-learning, to help students and life-long learners learn more effectively.


Company: Himmel enterijeri

Project name: WallControlSystem - WCS

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Civil engineering and construction materials

Project value: EUR 427,900

IF participation: EUR 298,800

The movable walls solution that redefines the space and gives you the freedom to operate on different scales much easier and for less price than current solutions.


Company: Strawberry Еnergy

Project name: Strawberry Smart Board

Town: Belgrade

Industry: Energy and energy efficiency

Project value: EUR 420,419

IF participation: EUR 294,293

Smart board (slat) for park benches which allows seamless retrofitting of traditional outdoor sitting



Project: Нigh reach pantographs for high speed railways (HRP4HSR)


Main partner: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Town: Belgrade 

Sector: Machines and mechanical engineering

Project budget: EUR 410,645

IF participation: EUR 287,451

Development of innovative pantograph for high-speed railways that can reach high contact lines.


Project: A new OTN/ROADM Optical Platform for 5G Networks

Consortium leader: IRITEL a.d.

Main partner: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Univerisity of Belgarde

Town: Belgrade 

Sector: ICT

Project budget: EUR 504,275

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Development of a new product - OTN/ROADM optical platform, that is compliant with all new requirements for 5G OTN based networks.


Project: Camera based object detection sensor - SensCam


Main partner: Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade

Town: Belgrade 

Sector: ICT

Project budget: EUR 428,376

IF participation: EUR 299,859

Innovative Sensor Camera which is processing video signal directly in the device providing various types of metadata to the central server through extremely low bandwidth telecommunication links.


Project: Smart Pet Toothbrush

Consortium leader: VIS HEALTH

Main partner: Scientific Veterinary Institute of Serbia

Partner: Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac; Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Univeristy of Belgrade; SCGM

Sector: Energy and energy efficiency

Project budget: EUR 409,950

IF participation: EUR 277,950

The development of a smart pet toothbrush with a unique set of features (variable heads, bristles with different flavours, NFC communication), and a complimentary mobile app that connects users and veterinarians.


Project: Green Trace

Consortium leader: ZOFF ELEKTRO

Main partner: Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Kragujevac

Sector: ICT

Project budget: EUR 391,400

IF participation: EUR 273,980

Creating an innovative and unique smart tree traceability system for monitoring of the entire life cycle of the tree based on RFID technology.


Project: Accelerate 5G: Hardware accelerator IP cores for 5G infrastructure

Consortium leader: Tannera Technologies

Main partner: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Univerisity of Belgarde

Sector: Electrical engineering

Project budget: EUR 450,000

IF participation: EUR 300,000

Accelerate 5G project addresses the design of innovative FPGA based solutions for physical layer digital processing acceleration.


Project: Smarticity – Energy management platform based on Artificial Intelligence

Consortium leader: Vodena

Main partner: Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac

Partner: Noleko

Sector: Artificial intelligence

Project budget: EUR 438,408

IF participation: EUR 294,039

Developing Smarticity, a comprehensive energy management platform that will completely automate the finding of optimal patterns in energy consumption and production in case of facilities with renewable energy sources and energy storage capabilities.


Project: Solar charging and docking system for small electric vehicles


Main partner: Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Sector: Energy and energy efficiency

Project budget: EUR 410,180

IF participation: EUR 286,680

Development of a charging and docking station for scooters and electric bicycles that will provide better management of use of scooters at companies and public spaces in large cities by giving users an affordable and safe place to leave their vehicle while being able to recharge their batteries.


Project: Increased sustainability of plant protection by innovative approaches in Bacillus-based biological plant disease  and pest control

Consortium leader: BACILLOMIX CO

Main partner: Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad

Sector: Food Science and Agriculture

Project budget: EUR 388,449

IF participation: EUR 271,914

Securing sustainable plant production using innovative biocontrol product in plant disease and pest control in eco-friendly food supply chain.


Project: Automated Sound Transmission and Absorption Measurements In-Situ (aSTAMIN)

Consortium leader: Dirigent Acoustics

Main partner: Institute Mihailo Pupin

Sector: Electrical engineering

Project budget: EUR 404,930

IF participation: EUR 270,000

Improvement and automate an existing self-developed prototype for measurements of properties of noise-insulating barriers in situ.


Project: Smart service system for winemaking process monitoring and prediction (Wine Masetro) 

Consortium leader: Enovitis

Main partner: Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Partner: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade; Ferment

Sector: Food Science and Agriculture

Project budget: EUR 432,095

IF participation: EUR 299,794

Web and mobile application for process monitoring and prediction as a smart service system on the global market producing for repeatedly high-quality wine at reduced processing costs.


Direct Grant - Increased innovation capacity and technological readiness of SMEs is signed between the Innovation Fund and Ministry of Finance - the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programs (CFCU) provides funds for the continuation of Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program.

The total budget of the Project is EUR 20 million, of which EUR 15 million from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance for 2018 (IPA 2018) and EUR 5 million from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The amount allocated for the financing of approved projects under the  Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program financed under this Direct Grant Agreement is EUR 18 million. More about the project can be found on