Enterprise Training for 12 Innovative Companies


Innovation Fund has organized for the fourth time Enterprise training from 15th till 18th of September 2014 for Awardees that received financing in the last call for proposal for the Mini Grants Program and the Matching Grants Program.

Enterprise training is part of the Serbia Innovation Project and is completely organized and financed by the Innovation Fund. It covers the following topics: business development, analysis of business opportunities, protection and monetization of intellectual property rights, commercialization and placement of product/service/technology on the market, managing finances and attracting investments.

“Enterprise training organized by the Innovation Fund was very important for Coprix Media. Mentors, sessions and topics covered during the training were helpful both for our company and for me personally, as a director of the company. The acquired knowledge in the area of External financing options and role of private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) and, Company assessment and financial management and Exit strategies will defiantly be used by our company in the future”, said Ana Koprić, CEO, Coprix Media ltd.

In this way, the Innovation Fund continues to provide support to young innovative companies in order to improve their knowledge in the above mentioned areas. International experts Donal O’Connell, Ulrich Bass, Gabor Baranyai, Yehuda Binder have, through an interactive approach, transferred knowledge to companies in areas that are crucial for their further business development.