The first digital platform for charging electric vehicles

The increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads requires good infrastructure, i.e., a precise map of chargers and information about free charging stations in real time. The team of the startup company Charge&Go from Belgrade decided to improve electric mobility in Serbia and complete the service by connecting drivers and owners of electric charging station operators and facilitating the payment process.

On the initiative of these IT enthusiasts who recognized what a new but safe market needs, with the support of the Innovation Fund through the European Union funds, the first Charge&Go digital platform for charging electric vehicles was developed.

"We saw that it is necessary to invest large amounts of money to develop the infrastructure so that the citizens of the Republic of Serbia would like to drive an electric car," said Milos Kostic, executive director of the company Charge&Go.

Reliable charging system for electric vehicles

The Charge&Go system allows owners of electric vehicles, by simply registering, to get a complete service, gain access to the map of the nearest free chargers, book a charger, charge the vehicle, and pay for the service.

The platform is intended for individuals, companies, and owners of residential and commercial buildings that can have independent stations for electric car charging. It can also cover the network of gas stations, retail chains, restaurateurs, car dealerships, and more.

"With the support of the Innovation Fund, we were able to improve our mobile application for finding chargers, managing the system of chargers, and collecting payments for charging,” emphasized Kostic.

Grant funds were invested in developing a software solution, which, in addition to a quick search for the nearest charging stations and availability in real-time, enables registered users to pay and offers more affordable charging services. Unregistered users who were enabled to make a one-time payment were not neglected either.

Environmental protection

Aware of the long-term positive impact on the environment, Charge&Go popularizes investing in chargers and solar panels. This economic model implies that the potential of already existing parking spaces will be fully used by placing solar panels on the structures above the parking lot, which will supply the electric chargers with clean and cheap energy.

"So far, we have realized more than 350 chargers, both slower types of chargers and fast ones, i.e., ultra-fast, that are installed at the locations of rapid transit and highways", said Nemanja Grubjesic, sales and commissioning engineer.

A sincere commitment to the simultaneous impact on a better quality of the environment and digitalization of services motivates this team to work on the improvement and develop the first digital platform for charging electric vehicles.

Affiliate network

Estimating that this market will grow rapidly, the team gathered around Charge&Go is constantly working to popularize this two-track service. On the one hand, day by day, it connects with operators who already have charging stations for electric cars and motivates potential investors. On the other hand, it constantly improves the application itself.

The Charge&Go team has established cooperation with global manufacturers of electric chargers, such as Schneider Electric, ABB, and Enel X, as well as similar platforms in the region and Europe.

Thanks to the established partnerships, users of the Charge&Go platform have access to information about 170,000 chargers in 30 countries.


Direct Grant - Increased innovation capacity and technological readiness of SMEs is signed between the Innovation Fund and Ministry of Finance - the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programs (CFCU) provides funds for the continuation of Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program.

The total budget of the Project is EUR 20 million, of which EUR 15 million from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance for 2018 (IPA 2018) and EUR 5 million from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of the Ministry of Science,Technological Development and Innovation.

The amount allocated for the financing of approved projects under the  Mini Grants Program, Matching Grants Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme Program financed under this Direct Grant Agreement is EUR 18 million. More about the project can be found on