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The Internet of Things (IoT) is networking of physical objects with built-in electronics, software, sensors, and information and communication technologies, enabling real-time data acquisition. Experts predict that by 2020. between 26 and 30 billion devices contained IoT.

Serbian startup Mainflux Labs provides software-hardware IoT Cloud and Edge Computing technologies integrated into one comprehensive Internet of Things system - Mainflux IIoT System. The potential of this unified IIoT System has been recognized by the Innovation Fund and funded through Mini Grants Programme. Mainflux used EUR 78.000 to recruit ten developers, enabling it to complete the integrated Mainflux IIoT system faster.

Mainflux IIoT System is a comprehensive full turn-key IoT system, consisting of integrated IoT Cloud and edge computing technology, which can satisfy requirements of the most demanding and complex IoT projects solutions and products. The advantage of this system is that it minimizes the cost of transmitting the data on the cloud, it allows the data to be completely isolated from the storage facility within the company, reducing the ease of downloading and minimizing the problems caused by secure internet connection.

In the course of a year and a half, software components of the Mainflux IoT open source platform have been downloaded over 200,000 times, and the entire software 208 times from the Github portal. In addition, Target, one of the largest US retail chains, has begun implementing this platform on its Smart Retail project. The platform is currently operational in 56 retail outlets and the plan is to implement the remaining 1,856 outlets by the end of the year.

Since June 2018, Mainflux Labs has been engaged by a USA - Worldwide producer of Oilfield & Gas Equipment. After the finalization of projects for US Retailer Target and provider of Oilfield & Gas Equipment and services, both companies will publish case-studies and their experience with Mainflux-Labs. This will be excellent references that will significantly help in future customer acquisition.

So far Mainflux Labs has presented its platform at numerous world conferences in Europe and America. Due to the leading-edge design and architecture of the Mainflux open-source IoT Cloud platform, Linux Foundation invited Mainflux Labs in 2017 to participate as a member of its EdgeX Foundry Project. Mainflux Labs contribution to this project, have opened the door to membership in LF Edge, a newfound Linux Foundation organization that aims to establish an interoperable Edge Computing framework. Other, LF Edge members areA T&T, Dell, HP, Ericsson, Huawei, Red Hat, Samsung, Intel and IBM.

So far, the companies engaged in facility management, agriculture, smart home systems as well as Telecoms are the ones that mostly expressed the interest for the Mainflux Labs technology.

Mainflux Labs has seven founders actively working and five employees, in total twelve professionals engaged in technical and business development. “We highly recommend to startups as well to established companies which are developing innovative solutions and products to participate and compete in Serbian Innovation Fund programs. In addition to winning a grant, it is an excellent opportunity to test and validate their ideas, innovations and business models by the International Expert Commission of the Innovation Fund, which evaluates the submitted projects”, is the message from Mainflux Labs, adding that the workshops organized by the Fund are very valuable to them.